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                                       "I have nothing to fear; and here my story ends. My troubles are all over, and I am at home."  Anna Sewell

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All the dogs featured here are available through The Last Resort. If you are interested in adopting a dog featured below please fill out the pre-adoption evaluation form which you will find on the link called adoption information. All the dogs have up to date medical and are spayed or neutered before final adoption. If you would like additional information please email.

Donations Needed for Tuki Lady...


Name: Tuki Lady

Breed: Cane Corso

Sex: Spayed Female

Age: 2 Years

Weight: 84.6#

Color: Brindle With White


Training/Temperament: Crate Trained / Housebroken / Good with children / Good with dogs / Good with cats / Good basic household manners / Walks well on leash / Social and friendly girl / Laid back & gentle / Loves dinner and walks

Medical: Spayed, Up to date on Vaccinations, Heartworm negative and on preventative

Since we typically rescue pit bulls, surly your wondering why we have a cane corso on our site. Tuki was a special situation and we were asked to help her. Tuki lost her home due to a divorce. She lived with two small dogs and two cats and children. Prior to coming to us Tuki had slipped on the ice and torn her ACL in her left rear leg. We have taken Tuki to our vet and the recommendation is that she needs surgery to repair her left leg. She is on anti-inflammatory pain medication to reduce the swelling and then will receive additional x-rays to see what the condition of the leg is. Her other rear leg is giving her trouble after slipping again so there is a possibility that she may need both rear legs worked on. This is an expensive surgery and one that we will need help funding. The estimated cost is from $500 to $800. We are posting her story in hopes that we could try and seek donations for her surgery. We feel Tuki is wonderful girl who is well worth the investment. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation towards her surgery. We thank you for any help you can provide. Updates will be coming soon, please check back.

February 14th, 2008 - Tuki arrives at TLR

We notice that Tuki's left leg is painful and she is having trouble walking. We learned that she had slipped on the ice in January and her previous veterinarian thought that she had possibly torn her ACL. We are waiting for the x-rays and have scheduled a vet appointment for Tuki with our vet to have her leg examined.

March 3rd, 2008 - Tuki's Vet Appointment

We took Tuki to the veterinarian today. Our vet examined her leg and looked at her x-rays. Dr. Jon feels that she does have a torn ACL in her left leg and needs surgery to correct it and make it stable again. He prescribed previcox to take down the inflammation and pain. No playing or exercising just leash walks to potty and crate rest. We need to bring Tuki back in another two weeks to have it looked at again and x-rays taken.

March 15th, 2008 - Tuki Slips

Today we took Tuki outside to potty and take a few photos of her on this nice day. As we were coming back inside Tuki turned to look at us and then cried in pain. Suddenly she was holding her right rear leg up and not putting any weight on it. We were hoping for it to be better by the next day but it wasn't. She still was not walking on it. Now she is bearing all her weight on her left leg which is already injured. We called our vet and made an appointment for Monday to be seen.

March 17th, 2008 - Tuki's Vet Appointment

Well the news is disappointing today. Dr. Jon took a look at her legs, her right ACL is now torn. Dr. Jon said this can happen since she has been bearing all her weight on it for two months while her left tries to stabilize. Since now both right and left rear legs are unstable surgery needs to be post-poned for another two weeks. In two weeks we will take her back for x-rays of both right and left legs and make the determination on which leg is critical and needs surgery first.

March 12th, 2008 - Vet Appointment for Recheck

Tuki went back to the vet today. Her legs are not stable enough to do surgery. So more rest and medication and another recheck in two weeks! Most likely the right leg will be fixed first.

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