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                                       "I have nothing to fear; and here my story ends. My troubles are all over, and I am at home."  Anna Sewell

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Corporate sponsors do not fund The Last Resort, nor is it a non-profit organization. We fund The Last Resort and the dogs that come into our program through our own hard work and determination. We welcome your support and contributions to our efforts. If you would like to make a donation or sponsor a dog, we thank you. Please email or call for mailing address. Every contribution helps to save one dog whose life is hanging in the balance. Below are a few ways that you can help. 

Items We Gladly Accept


Dog Food - Adult or Puppy (Purina or Pedigree)


Dog Treats


Training Treats


Kong Toys


Nyla Bones


Martingale Collars


Flat Collars


Leather Leashes


Dog Beds


Airline Crates ( M - L - XL )

We Would Also Like To Extend A Special Thank You To The Many Wonderful Families & Individuals Who Have Adopted A Dog From The Last Resort...Thank You For Choosing To Support The Efforts of Rescue!

The following individuals and organizations have supported our efforts through their generous donations. We are deeply grateful for their assistance. For information on how you can help, please contact us today.  



Veterinary Support

Ark Animal Hospital - Dr. Koelsch & Staff - for providing wonderful veterinary care to our dog & supporting our dog obedience classes.

Jefferson Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Tim & Dr. Alice & Staff - for providing wonderful veterinary care to our dogs.

Dr.Miller - for providing wonderful veterinary care to our dog and always taking the time to explain and answer our numerous questions no matter what time of the day.

Humane Organization Support

The Geauga County Dog Shelter, Ohio - Mary Bittence & Staff - Thank you for your generous donation and all of your efforts in helping Isaiah (Dewey) have a second chance! 

GPAAS - Corinne Martin for all your help & support we are truly grateful for all that you do.  

Elkhardt Humane Society - Jill Price & Staff  

Shangri-La Rescue - EJ & Marta Finley

C.A.R.E. & Donna Thompson 

Marian County Humane Society, Ohio - a special group of people who refuse to give up on the pit bulls in their care and choose rescue to give them a second chance.

The  Humane Society of Camden Co, GA - Elaine R. Powierski - Thank you for helping "Georgia"

Individual Support

Gail & Suzy - Thank you for you donation of the igloo, dog food, treats and blankets! We enjoyed your visit!

Brent Garland & Danielle & K9 Dewey! - Thank you so much for you contribution to TLR, we are very appreciative and want to thank both of you for your support. 

Gail, Suzy & Kristine - Thank you for your donation of the collars, toys, & bones. The dogs all loved the snacks and are enjoying playing with all the toys! 

Mr. Anonymous - Flushing, MI - Thank You for your support & encouragement! 

Brad & Holly & K9 Lily & K9 Pearl - Thank you for your support and the wonderful donation of the dog toys and training equipment.

Connie Parmenter - for supporting the efforts of rescue and providing the rescue dogs with toys and goodies. Thanks for your recent donation of Kong toys - they all loved them! 

Dawn Beck & the K9 Crew - Thanks for all your help and support! We couldn't do it without you. 

AJ & Julie Wallace & K9 Greta & K9 Pee Wee - Thank you for the donation of dog food, toys and treats for the gang! Keep up the great work with Greta & PeeWee!

Ann-Marie Catenacci & K9 Brutis - for the gift certificate to Pet Supplies Plus and all your kind words of encouragement! 

Matt & K9 Angel & The Wonderful Employees at MSX International - for the generous donation of dog food, treats, toys and goodies - and the wonderful visit from Angel. We can't say enough how extremely generous this was - A Special Thank You To All Those That Contributed!

Ron & Deen Forster - Echelon Kennels - We thank you so much for the time you both have spent helping us with our dog training endeavors- for this we are truly grateful, we wouldn't be where we are today without your words of encouragement and years of guidance. 

Art & Mary Verillian & K9 Patch

John & Raphaela - for the generous donation of the grooming table & other dog supplies!

Rebecca Robilard & K9 Barron - for the box of dog toys & collars & other goodies!

Ruth Furness & Her menagerie on the river! - Thanks for all your support! 

Liz and Brian Considine & K9 Hagatha & K9 Lil'Lady - for the box of dog toys & collars! We love the photos and up-dates on the girls! 

Chuck & Jen Fry & K9 Ava - for the generous donation of dog food, treats, and other goodies - and the wonderful visit from you guys and Ava - thanks so much! 

Don & Carolina & K9 Modi - for the generous donation of the dog kennels - this is most appreciated - we thank you both. 

Business Support

Flushing Lawn & Garden - for the generous donation of dog food


The Last Resort

pitcrew @

Visit TLR Gift Shop

We opened a storefront at cafe press in order to generate some funds for our rescue dogs. The proceeds generated from this online store will be used towards veterinary care, and any other medical expenses incurred while the rescue dogs are awaiting adoption. Currently we have  several items available, we will be working on adding additional items in the near future, so please keep and eye on the store. Let us know what you think! We would appreciate your support and feedback.

Click Here To Be Taken To The Store: The Last Resort Cafe Press Storefront


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